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 About Us
 Melissa Johnson, President & C0-Founder


Melissa has been developing the Initiatives of HTWF for many years and authored various books for the charity organization. Her background and expertise is in marketing, brand development & print media.


Melissa has been involved with Charity work for 20 years in:


  • Housing The Homeless
  • Helping to rehabilitate drug Addicted Single Mothers
  • Advocating and Caring for Seniors
  • Relief to Under Privileged and at Risk Children.





(In 2006 the Stricklands were homeless..)


(by 2007...HTWF volunteers changed that...)

She is a member of "NAPSA"
(National Adult Protective Agency Association) and is an active seniors advocate and an In-home Care Director.

She protects the elderly in her community and devotes her time to assisting the elderly and handicapped in need.


She has advocated for poverty alleviation, microcredit and related issues on Capital Hill. Here she meets with Senators, as she attends a congressional breakfast with Senator Harry Reid and John Ensign.


Favored Quote: "What would we attempt to do if we knew we coudn't fail"

Robert H. Schuller

 Mel Wilson, Vice President


Mel has been working on the development of HTWF for eight years and has co-authored several HTWF books and manuals with Ms. Johnson.

Mr. Wilson has a BA in Linguistics and a Master's Degree in Public Administration.  He has lived in New Zealand, Austalia, Canada and the United States, including two years of schooling in Hawaii.


He was actively involved with microcredit for two years.  As part of this effort he helped lobby congress and worked with the inner-city poor in Miami, Florida to facilitate microloans to those wishing to start their own businesses. 

He also became deeply aware of the needs of the elderly working as a VP of operations in a healthcare company in California for about four years.

Mr. Wilson has devoted himself to understanding the nature of character improvement, believing that if athletes can have an ever-improving array of tools and other diagnostic devices to improve their physical performances, than "character athletes" should also have access to tools to improve their character performances. 

He views such improvements as increasing people's ability to love and that HTWF's TGOL initiative as a toolbox that will supply such tools to this end.



He is admired and viewed by those who know him as a backyard scholar and writer and has worked with Ms. Johnson closely while developing the initiatives of the charity for eight years.

He is a proud husband and father of six boys. He currently resides in Wisconsin.


"HTWF is a charity organization with a unique model for infusing this world with healing. I feel honored to work with other HTWFers who truly understand that love is a central goal that must underlie all other HTWF goals and activities."

Mel Wilson

Allen Harrell, Secretary



Allen has been working on the HTWF Elderly Initiatives for over a year, while studying to become a Field Supervisor within Michael's Army. 

HTWFer's admire Allen because of his enormous love of Children and the Elderly and his amazing endurance to serve others with difficult problems. 

"He's like the energizer bunny, he's sweet and cuddly and just keeps going and going" Melissa Johnson.

Allen has expertise in Music Production and Development, RPG  tests management, and in Home Health Care services.



Allen's devotion to charity often includes:

  • 20 Years in the Ministry-Church Out Reach Service
  • Caring for senior citizens in need, within their own home
  • Service Projects involving Children and the Elderly
  • Volunteering for HTWF's Senior Initiatives
  • Teaching Character Development to local Children
  • Transporting Children and the Elderly
  • Developing HTWF Pulic Relations Content

Allen's favorite Quote: Voltaire said:

"Every man is guilty for all the good he didn't do."

Allen Harrell





 HTWF Field Volunteers
1Qs9E-chris20newwww5B15D.gifChris Johnson
Executive Director
Communications Commitee




About Us
Important: HTWF suspended all pending fundraisers for year 2009 and did not recruit new fundraisers for year 2010 and year 2011. All fundraising activity involving HTWF, other than announced on this site, is unauthorized and unsolicited.