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You can invite a select members to the conference. This sends the member an e-mail and SMS (if they have that preference enabled) inviting them to the conference that is currently taking place.

Access Code - To join a conference as a participant, enter the assigned access code, then the pound (#) key and follow the voice prompts. Participants can access basic conference controls such as the help menu, self-mute and one-on-one private chat during a conference.

Subscriber Pin - The subscriber pin is assigned to the group administrator(s) and activates the recording feature. Any time during the conference the host can enter "*9" and then the subscriber pin to begin recording the conference.

Conference Name: Sunday Teleconference
Dial in number: 1 (605) 475-6190
Access Code: 707189

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Important: HTWF suspended all pending fundraisers for year 2009 and did not recruit new fundraisers for year 2010 and year 2011. All fundraising activity involving HTWF, other than announced on this site, is unauthorized and unsolicited.